Fly Wheel Casting Simulation

Large cast iron castings require a high degree of attention in designing the layout, due to the high production costs and the limited number of castings produced. The customer for the fly wheel casting shown here required a sound casting with no shrinkage defects.

Using MAGMASOFT®, mold filling and solidification simulations were performed for the existing casting layout. The filling results showed obvious turbulence and air being entrapped due to high melt velocities. Based on this information, the gating system was modified.

The solidification analysis showed shrinkage defects near the feeder neck and in the region of a hole. These results led to changing of the neck size as well as adding feeders and chills. The modified layout proved to be robust and resulted in defect free castings.

Fly wheel casting and casting layout (left). Result of filling simulation shows turbulent flow and entrapped air (right).

* Courtesy of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea