Os exemplos a seguir demonstram como nossos clientes exploram com sucesso o MAGMASOFT® para obter a melhor qualidade, redução de custos e/ou redução de tempos de desenvolvimento, especialmente na área de ferro fundido.

Better results in less time - Improving quality through optimization

2 de julho de 2018

Success in the foundry market today not only depends on a good gating and risering design and a ... leia mais

Mold-Filling Defects in Gray and Ductile Iron

In cast iron production, dross formation, gas defects, and oxide films are all heavily ... leia mais

Riser Redesign to Feed Wheel Hub

Metalurgica Frum was trying to develop a wheel hub for several months without success. ... leia mais

Cold Laps in Cast Iron

DANA Spicer has used MAGMASOFT® to develop unconventional gating systems for ductile iron ... leia mais

Fly Wheel Casting Simulation

Large cast iron castings require a high degree of attention in designing the layout, due to the ... leia mais

New Markets for Casting

During recent years, the market for wind power has grown by orders of magnitude and has created ... leia mais