Os exemplos a seguir demonstram como nossos clientes exploram com sucesso o MAGMASOFT® para obter a melhor qualidade, redução de custos e/ou redução de tempos de desenvolvimento, especialmente na fundição de aço.

Working Under Pressure

Blind risers can only work properly for the limited number of cast alloys with a strong ... leia mais

Slag Defects in Plates

Steel foundries producing large components often pay more attention to the solidification ... leia mais

Squeezing More Out of a Highly Developed Process

The production of ingots used to provide billets for many forging operations is a highly ... leia mais

Head Block Distortion

Many large steel castings are produced with large machining allowances, which directly results ... leia mais

Going With the Flow and Fighting For Air

Estimates say that 20 % of the costs of producing steel castings can be traced to inclusion ... leia mais