Feeder Parametrization with MAGMASOFT® Autonomous Engineering


MAGMASOFT® possesses several parametrization tools aimed at the use of optimization

Planning and optimizing a feeder system is not always an easy task. The definition of the dimensions and the quantity of necessary feeders to feed a given region of a part can be simplified by using MAGMASOFT®’s geometry parametrization tools.

MAGMASOFT® offers a variety of parametric geometries that can have their dimensions easily altered. This makes it possible to simulate a great number of designs through optimization tools.

Through geometry parameter creation, it is possible to map all feeder dimensions for optimization. However, it is important to have in mind that altering a big number of geometry parameters at once requires creativity and assertiveness by the user so these studies are run in the smallest possible time.

Another available option for parametrization in MAGMASOFT® is the creation of distribution patterns for geometries. The creation of a circular pattern, for instance, will allow to distribute the feeders along a circular region of a product.

In addition it is possible to parametrize the number of feeders on this pattern in order to map several feeder distribution options for the optimization tool.