Shortening Cycle Times in Cylinder Head Production

In the development of a high performance, economical engine, a cylinder head design was required that would withstand the higher combustion pressures. The existing design of this part led to long cycle times. It was necessary to reduce solidification times without compromising the casting performance in order to reduce the cost per head. One option was to change the cooling medium from air to water in the low pressure die casting die for the existing cylinder head.

Low pressure die casting layout for the cylinder head

MAGMASOFT® was used to confirm the effects of this change. As expected, the filling pattern of the water cooled die was not significantly different from that of the air cooled die. The water cooled die also produced similar trends in the shrinkage, but up to 30 % shorter cooling times compared to air cooling. By reducing the solidification time, the mechanical properties of the combustion chamber area could be increased through a finer microstructure.

In conclusion, changing the cooling medium from air to water, a similar level of casting quality could be achieved. At the same time the production costs were reduced and the mechanical properties, especially in the combustion chamber, were improved.

Temperatures during solidification of the cylinder head casting

* Courtesy of HYUNDAI-KIA MOTORS, Korea