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Practical Use of Core Simulation for Process Optimization

Simulation of the production of sand cores is a new method for fundamentally changing tool and process design by exploiting insights into core-shooting and hardening processes. Important factors affecting the quality of the core can be determined and quantified in advance of tool production and serial manufacture. The system’s physical basis and targeted procedures allow predictions to be made regarding the technical and economic feasibility of sand cores.

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Real-World Application of Core Simulation for Process Optimization

The making of cores still creates surprises for tool and corebox makers. Core related defects are a significant cost factor of casting production. The layout of coreboxes traditionally follows an experienced-based trial and error process until a satisfactory core quality is achieved. The ramp-up of new tools for production usually requires several time and cost intensive optimization loops, including the final approval under production conditions.

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Simulation of the Entire Core Production Process

The production of sand cores is a complex process filled with technical challenges that can often times delay production, create scrap and rework, and increase the overall cost of a finished casting. As casting geometries become more and more challenging in their designs, the demand for intricate and high quality sand cores will also continue to increase.

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