See some of the most relevant publications about MAGMA applications and developments especially in the area of continuous casting production.

Automatic Virtual Optimization of Ingot and Continuous Casting Processes

Simulation technology today makes it easily possible to carry out three-dimensional simulations ... leia mais

Simulation Based Optimization Strategy for Balancing Quality and Productivity in Continuous Casting

This contribution introduces a numerical simulation based optimization strategy, following ... leia mais

Autonomous Mathematical Optimization of Continuous Casting Processes

Over many years, the liquid metal flow in steel continuous casting tundishes and moulds, the ... leia mais

Autonomous Optimization – The second generation of continuous steel casting simulation

In this paper the application to continuous steel casting processes is demonstrated: First, a ... leia mais

New Developments for Process Modelling of the Continuous Casting of Steel

In this paper, two aspects of continuous casting modelling will be discussed: First, the ... leia mais