Schulz receives the MAGMA Core Molde Course

Reaffirming the commitment to disseminate quality content relevant to the day-to-day of partners and companies in the foundry sector, on April 24, MAGMA Engineering taught the MAGMA Core and Mold Course - Design, Process and Simulation of The event was held at Schulz's premises and about 20 participants from the Product Development, Design and Process areas were able to get a better understanding of how MAGMA Core and Mold can help in the design of and solving quality problems, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

In addition to the theoretical aspects of the cold box males manufacturing process, the course presented case studies and practical simulation examples through MAGMA Core and Mold with real applications of simulation in the solution of blowing and gassing problems. The simulation with real application has the objective of guaranteeing the effectiveness of the communication and the understanding of the whole process, as well as the benefits of the software.

To know more about MAGMA Core and Mold please contact MAGMA Engineering or visit our website

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