Please read quotes from MAGMA users and how they, with the help of casting process simulation, realize optimizations especially in the area of steel casting.

Re-Engineering the Past with Modern Technology

Re-engineering a historical steam locomotive is a real challenge. The British foundry Boro was asked to cast a key component of the engine using its original design and manufacturing technique. Due to the optimization of the methoding with MAGMASOFT®, the casting was done right the first time.

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Optimization of Steel Casting Design and Methoding

Hot tearing is one of the main defect sources in steel castings. However, the cost-intensive repair work created by this defect can be avoided by reviewing the influence of casting design and methoding on the formation of hot tears.

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Ingot Casting Optimization at Třinecké železárny

Třinecké železárny (TŽ) is a well-known producer of cast ingots. Reliable and stable production processes and high quality and cleanness of all products are constant requirements. Due to the continuously increasing demands for both, improved quality and, at the same time reduced costs, TŽ recently decided to revise and subsequently optimize their entire ingot casting line.

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Casting Process Simulation Provides Cost Effective Solutions

Customers come to Spokane Industries’ steel foundry not just to buy castings, but to find solutions to their problems. Simulating the casting process has helped Spokane support their selling point that they are on the cutting edge of the industry.

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First Understand, Then Optimize

Toshiba Uses MAGMA5 to Reduce Inclusions in its Steel Castings. With increasing quality demands on steel castings, steel carrier rings used in thermal power units are manufactured under very strict quality specifications.

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