MAGMA Core and Mold course is taught at Tupy

On April 24, the MAGMA Core and Mold course - Project, process and simulation of the machining process in Cold Box - was carried out at Tupy, a client and partner of MAGMA Engineering. disseminating knowledge with quality content and adding value to daily processes. The course was attended by 40 people from the areas of Product Development, Design and Process, who were able to verify how MAGMA Core and Mold can contribute to the design of male boxes and solve quality problems, reducing costs and maximizing production.

Through cases and simulation, theoretical and practical aspects of the process of manufacturing males in cold box were addressed, promoting the effective understanding of the basic concepts that involve the manufacture of males in cold box. To complement the theme, practical examples of simulation of the process through MAGMA Core and Mold were presented with real applications of the use of simulation in the solution of blowing and gassing problems.

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