Please read quotes from MAGMA users and how they, with the help of casting process simulation, realize optimizations especially in the area of die casting.

Methodical Assessment of Different Casting Layouts

At ZI in Bergzabern, Germany, the new virtual experimentation capabilities in MAGMASOFT® were recently used to make a successful comparison of different production alternatives for a gear housing.

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Chongqing Dajiang Millison Optimizes Die Casting Bracket Production

For Chongqing Dajiang Millison (CDM), the targets in production are clear: fast product development, reliable manufacturing processes and optimized product yield. These objectives apply for a great variety of cast parts.

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DGS Produces One of the Largest Die Cast Parts Worldwide

Each hour, the sun radiates enough energy onto the earth to cover the annual energy demand of the whole world population. For better exploitation of this solar energy, DGS Druckguss Systeme AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland, produces frames for hot water solar panels. Recently, the production of these frames was changed from welded extrusion molded parts to aluminum die castings. The success of this change was so noteworthy that the new frame received a ”Special Recognition“ award in the International 2014 Aluminum Die Casting Competition.

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Röders Develops an Innovative New Gating Concept Using a Virtual Experimental Plan

G.A. Röders, known for its high quality die-cast parts, applied a virtual experimental plan to develop an innovative gating concept for gearshift domes, in order to optimize flow behavior and material efficiency. As a result, the jury of the International Aluminum Die-Casting Contest (GDA) bestowed this new, simulation-based methodology their 2014 “Special Recognition” award.

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Aallied Die Casting: 70,000 ppm to 150 ppm

How one die caster uses technology to profitably produce a challenging automotive casting.

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