See some of the most relevant publications about MAGMA applications and developments especially in the area of cast iron.

Simulation Evolves to Autonomous Optimization

Today’s requirements on the development of a casting and the corresponding metal casting process demand methodologies and tools which allow a maximization of process robustness and profitability at the earliest possible point in time. Opposed to real-world trials, autonomous optimization using simulation tools provides significantly more flexibility.

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Process Optimization for an Energy Efficient Heat Treatment of ADI

Austempered ductile iron (ADI) materials show a good combination of mechanical properties, with high tensile strength levels (800 - 1600 MPa) and an elongation at fracture of up to 10%. Due to its high fracture toughness as well as high fatigue resistance, ADI is a very attractive material group for applications under cyclic loads. However, the material properties are very sensitive to the applied process conditions during heat treatment. The basis for a substantial increase in the application of ADI materials in the industry requires the establishment of a predictable and robust process design. Here, an integrated process simulation of the heat treatment process coupled to required information about the as-cast quality of the component would aid in understanding process dependencies and defining a robust process window.

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Material Combinations in Lightweight Casting Components

Aluminum und magnesium castings play a major role in light-weight casting. These fields of application are being extended continually, and the specific demands on materials are increasing. More often the mechanical and tribological properties of the casting materials are insufficient, the operating temperatures are too high, or the environment shows a high level of chemical aggression. Local components can then be tailored to specific demands by cast-in inserts mostly made of steel or cast iron, depending on the requirements.

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Energy and raw material savings in foundries through thorough utilization of simulation

Foundries are “world champions“ in effectively recycling their materials. More than 90% of all cast parts are made from re-melted scrap metal. But it doesn’t stop with the metal: molding materials (sand) and water are efficiently re-used, leading to almost no waste.

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Cast Iron - A Predictable Material

Abstract: High strength compacted graphite iron (CGI) or alloyed cast iron components are substituting previously used non-ferrous castings in automotive power train applications. The mechanical engineering industry has recognized the value in substituting forged or welded structures with stiff and light-weight cast iron castings. New products such as wind turbines have opened new markets for an entire suite of highly reliable ductile iron cast components. [...]

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