The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully exploit MAGMASOFT® in order to realize better casting quality, cost savings or reduction of development times especially in the area of cast iron.

Riser Redesign to Feed Wheel Hub

Metalurgica Frum was trying to develop a wheel hub for several months without success. Despite these efforts, they could not avoid a shrinkage defect in a hot spot in the hub. They decided to stop tests on the shop floor and try a new central riser/sleeve design developed and verified using casting process simulation.

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Cold Laps in Cast Iron

DANA Spicer has used MAGMASOFT® to develop unconventional gating systems for ductile iron components for the heavy truck industry. In one case, they used simulation to check filling patterns and optimize the gating system of a ductile iron carrier. In production, the casting had a scrap rate of around 17%.

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Fly Wheel Casting Simulation

Large cast iron castings require a high degree of attention in designing the layout, due to the high production costs and the limited number of castings produced.

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New Markets for Casting

During recent years, the market for wind power has grown by orders of magnitude and has created a completely new sector for casting applications. Many of the components cast in this area today did not exist at all ten years ago or were created to substitute welded or forged parts.

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Solving a Weighty Cracking Problem

Wheel weights are used on farm machinery to improve traction, as well as to balance tractors loaded with optional equipment. These gray iron castings didn‘t appear to have any defects after casting and did not show any obvious cracks or discontinuities during machining and painting. However, when the weights were mounted to the wheels, cracks appeared.

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