MAGMA Inc. - Celebrating 25 Years in North America

Aachen/Chicago, May 2016. In 1991, only two years after MAGMA was established in Aachen, Germany, MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Inc. was opened just outside of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Creating a local office to guarantee a presence close to the North American metal casting industry for qualified customer service and support was the first and foremost step in establishing today’s global MAGMA presence. The decision to start activities in the United States was in no small part enabled through early support by Ford Motor Company, who showed a strong commitment to our, at that time, very small company. In taking this step, MAGMA also realized a greater openness to adopting the new technology of casting process simulation in the North American metal casting industry than was the case in many other parts of the world.

In the early days, the small MAGMA Inc. crew was a mixture of European “imports” and local experts. Over the last 25 years, the MAGMA Inc. team has grown to more than 25 people in a diverse multi-cultural, multi-lingual organization, capable of handling the diversity seen in the current and ever-evolving metal casting industry. We are proud to offer a diversified engineering team with over 100 years of foundry and die casting experience, whose knowledge and experience is available to our customers for engineering projects, through qualified customer service, and in our extensive MAGMAacademy training and educational offerings. MAGMA Inc. also has a special focus on getting youth interested in the metal casting industry, as well as supporting students interested in pursuing a metal casting career.

MAGMA Inc. took the opportunity to thank all of our customers and friends, especially those from that early time, for their trust and support over the years by hosting a 25th anniversary party. The celebration took place in April at the Walker Museum of Contemporary Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during this year’s CastExpo. Guests included representatives from MAGMA’s very first and current U.S. customer Ford Motor Company, another original customer and retiree Claude Robinson formerly of Sivyer Steel, and MAGMA shareholder Dr. Erwin Flender from Germany

The festivities included a presentation of images and anecdotes of the growth story of MAGMA Inc. over the last 25 years. This journey has been characterized by strong relationships with metal casters and casting consumers, who have continuously provided feedback on how they use and want to use MAGMASOFT® through contact with our support team, during attendance at our annual user group meetings and at MAGMAacademy events. MAGMA Inc. has continuously relayed this information to the software development team in Germany, and this input has significantly influenced the development of MAGMASOFT® to its current level of capabilities. North America remains the largest single market for MAGMA worldwide, and the metal casting industry there has once again embraced the new technology of Autonomous Optimization just as it did with casting simulation 25 years ago.

MAGMA once again takes the opportunity to thank their customers for their ongoing trust and support. We are especially grateful to those first customers, who believed in simulation when it was new to the industry and who gave MAGMA the motivation to continue on its endeavors in North America.

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