Process Training I

Advanced training is the basic training sequence. The focus is on deepening the application of the software in the specific casting process, such as cast iron (MAGMAiron), high pressure die casting (MAGMAhpdc), cast steel (MAGMAsteel), castings and molds (MAGMA C M), among others.

The advanced training is done after three or four weeks of using the software internally, so that the user can also bring their doubts and difficulties.

For proper use of the simulation tool in the casting, both trainings are required and are sold together. However, when the user purchases a new module, only advanced training is required.

The main objectives of this course are to promote the deep interpretation of the results, discussion in the prediction of casting defects and the use of advanced set-up techniques. At the end of the advanced course, the user will be able to efficiently evaluate the simulation results.


  • Duration: 2 days
  • Prerequisite: Basic training
  • Dates: on request
  • Values: on request

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