Project and process of Core and Mold

11/6/18 - 11/7/18

The course of project and process of macharia addresses the concepts used in the development and production of males by the cold box method. The physical phenomena involved will be addressed, both in the blowing and gassing stages, such as, sand flow, sand permeability and resin behavior during curing. We will also discuss the nozzle and nozzle design and how to optimize it in the initial design stage to minimize tooling changes and number of try-outs.
* This is not a specific simulation course.

Target Audience
The course is intended for technicians, project engineers, process and quality, who wish to understand the fundamental concepts of macharia design and process.

06 and 07 November 2018

AUTOMATIC Foundry Solutions - AFS
Rua Frei Pacífico, 1325
Caxias do Sul - RS - Brazil

Joern Schmidt - MAGMA Engenharia do Brasil

Until the 10/24 -  R$ 900,00
After 10/24 - R$ 1.350,00



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