The South American User Meeting MAGMA took place on May 24 and 25 in the city of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of the state of São Paulo. The forums held on Thursday (24th) and technical discussions were the highlights of the event. "The participation of users, in addition to further enriching the event and the whole schedule we prepare, is a very positive response on the work that MAGMA has been doing year after year and which is reflected directly in the meeting. The feeling must be fulfilled before our customers and partners, "said Fabio Rola, director of MAGMA in Brazil.

Every year MAGMA prepares the event thinking about everything that has been done before and aligns with the current market situation and the needs of each customer presented year by year. The company is concerned with bringing the best and most respected professionals in the industry and who can contribute with intelligent and assertive content. The commitment to bring quality content and value to our customers reinforces all the actions that involve the South American Users Meeting. However, the timing is also an opportunity to unwind, narrowing relationships and consolidating the networking network.

As part of reinforcing the business strategy that contributes directly to the positive results of our clients, we also presented technical lectures as well as practical applications, analysis of results and success stories. All in an effective and practical way regarding the results and benefits in the use of foundry solutions offered by MAGMA to the foundry sector. The presentations were extremely enriching and the technical discussions with excellent feedback. The focus is always to show and prove in practice how the optimization of processes through the use of MAGMA software contribute to cost reduction and considerable gain in production and quality.

As it is done annually, we did the draw for a passage to the International Meeting of Users, among companies that presented successful cases using MAGMA technology. This event will take place in Hamburg in Germany and the company winning was WEG Equipamentos Elétricos SA, with the participation of Adrian Lucas Los.

For the next year, the team is already working to hold an even more satisfying event for everyone. The information will be transmitted in the communication channels of the company.

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