MAGMA in partnership with ATM and Automatic performs course on Cold Box in Caxias do Sul

On November 6 and 7, MAGMA Engenharia do Brasil taught COLD BOX, THEORY, SIMULATION AND PRACTICE. The event was held at Automatic's headquarters in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. It was promoted by ATM and Automatic, MAGMA's business partners. The course covered the Cold Box system, its operationality and variables.

Professionals from twelve different companies in the foundry sector participated in the event and were able to follow real-time simulations and practical tests on blowing machines. Promoting the discussion between theory and practice of the whole manufacturing process through Cold Box was the main highlight of the event that allowed a rich exchange of experience for all participants.

The simulation was done through MAGMAC + M with real applications of Cold Box simulation, showing in practice the applicability of the system as well as the advantages in increasing quality and productivity with cost reduction throughout the process.

The course is another initiative of MAGMAacademy to disseminate content that facilitates the daily life of companies and professionals, reinforcing MAGMA's commitment to training.

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