The event took place in Taubaté and reinforces MAGMA's commitment to the dissemination of knowledge.

The new features of MAGMASOFT® 5.4 in the optimization of projects was the highlight of the Workshop given on May 16 of this year by MAGMA Engenharia do Brasil LTDA. The event took place at the FORD foundry in Taubaté and the focus was the dissemination of knowledge and experiences that add value to the foundries' daily life as part of a continuous improvement project that has been carried out between the two companies since 2015.

More than 15 participants from the casting, quality, product and tooling areas attended the presentations on the new forms of virtual project design of MAGMASOFT®, in its latest version (5.4), and how they can further assist foundries in development of robust systems, through its technology and concept of autonomous design and process optimization.

MAGMA works continuously to perfect its products and services to bring the best technology with the best cost to the foundry sector. Events like this and partnerships such as the one made with FORD provide an observation and study environment that allows MAGMA to further advance as a reference of the foundry sector offering to the market a product that adds value, facilitates the work, increasing production and reducing costs.

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