On November 21, it took place in Lima, Peru, or the XIII WORKSHOP OPERATIONAL GAIN - OBSERVE INTO YOUR FOUNDRY AND REDUCE THE COSTS. The event was conducted by Inductotherm Group Brazil in partnership with Euromac Latin America and MAGMA Engenharia do Brasil.

More than 30 professionals from various companies in the industry participated in the event that, in the closing survey, had a positive evaluation in all aspects, mainly in the content of the lectures given.

Within our objectives, to bring content that facilitates the daily life of professionals and optimize resources, reducing costs and increasing the quality and productivity of companies, we gave two lectures.

The topics covered were: Project Optimization and Casting Process - how to make the best use of technology and optimization of heat treatment for steel foundries or "Optimization of casting projects and processes - how to make the best use of technology and Optimization of heat treatment in steel foundries".

For MAGMA to participate in such events is extremely important in the process of disseminating relevant content and adding value, contributing to the training of professionals, as well as to meeting the needs of companies in the process of optimizing resources.

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