Competitive and sustainable foundry projects

On March 21, 2019, Reinaldo Oliveira, Technical Commercial Manager of MAGMA Engenharia do Brasil, presented the lecture "Competitive and Sustainable Foundry Projects" at the II Meeting of the Gaucho Foundry, an event held in the city of Caxias do Sul, in the Dall'Onder Axten Hotel, which was attended by 146 professionals, representing 79 companies in the Foundry sector.

The purpose of the presentation was to discuss the importance of strengthening the company's engineering and the training of professionals in order to use MAGMASOFT® as a comprehensive and effective optimization tool to improve the quality of the melt, optimizing process conditions and reducing production costs.

Through Autonomous Engineering, simulations with MAGMASOFT ® can be used in an automated virtual test plan to simultaneously pursue different objectives of quality and cost.

Some examples of application of MAGMASOFT ® have been demonstrated, reinforcing the idea that the software can be used by small, medium and large foundries; for molding and molding, for all casting processes, with excellent results