14th Meeting of Founders of Paraná

The 14th Founders Meeting of Paraná took place on 06 and 07 July 2018, in Quatro Barras / PR. The event, organized by Mr. Minatti and staff is traditional and brings together suppliers and major foundries in the region. The event was attended by 80 participants. The first day of the meeting was marked by the presentation of the technical lectures and on the second day the luncheon of confraternization closed the event with a golden key.

MAGMA Engenharia do Brasil gave a lecture: "The use of autonomous engineering to optimize the casting process" with the objective of emphasizing the need to strengthen the engineering in the foundry, a process that allows the company to develop consistent methods, program improvements, and projects, to better serve the foundry clients, to develop products, projects and processes in an agile and effective way.

The use of numerical simulation technology, with the use of autonomous engineering, allows foundry engineering to promote the optimization of resources and consequently to streamline projects. In addition, all possible project variables (channels, massumps, etc.) and processes (chemical composition, temperature, among others) can be tested by anticipating the results. The proposal is that the objectives are more easily achieved, that the project is sufficiently robust and that the process variations are better understood.

MAGMA welcomes Mr. Minatti's invitation and makes himself available for new interactions at upcoming events.